Doug Ducey Attacked Online By Disgruntled Former Franchisee

May 25, 2010
If you ever meet Doug Ducey, you'll find him a prince among men. He is kind, he makes time for others, and he's authentic. After watching him speak at a few events around the Valley (Phoenix), I have become more and more excited by his message - as he runs for State Treasurer of Arizona. Once I find a candidate worth electing, it's time to see what's being said and hold those people saying things accountable.

To that end, I stumbled upon a website called "Doug Ducey is Sleazy". What I found was an individual, who based on their own poor performance with a Cold Stone Creamery franchise, decided to create a character assassination website. What you'll notice are 22 comments to a single post - all from the author of the blog where the names associated with each comment are "anonymous". The language in each post, while varied, has the same tone. The blog provides a standard mechanism for leaving comments, but it does not provide a method to contact the author. So, why wouldn't these other people just comment online. And, how did they know who to contact to share their opinions of Doug Ducey?

Next, I noticed that the original post was on February 16th, and on the following day 22 comments appeared (again all posted by the author, but suggesting that they were gathered from others). I don't know if you've ever created a blog, but getting any visitors within one day is a major challenge, let alone enough that 22 of them would provide comments (typically you need 100 or more visitors for every comment).

So, I ask you, who is sleazy?

Be careful out there folks. People can write whatever they want. That's what I'm doing! You need to weigh their arguments, challenge their methods, and research their claims before you catalog their statements as TRUTH. The Web is the Wild West of Journalism. It is your responsibility to do some fact checking before spreading what you've heard/read to others!

Now get out there and vote for Doug Ducey for Arizona State Treasurer.


Beware: Yellow Journalist

May 11, 2010

Wikipedia says "'Yellow Journalism' is used today as a pejorative to decry any journalism that treats news in an unprofessional or unethical fashion." That is exactly what Dylan Smith committed when he published his latest story in the Tucson Sentinel.

Dylan wrote "Buz Mills, who is seeking the Republican nomination for governor, said Monday he wants to cut teachers to put more guards on the border and jail illegal immigrants longer."

This is 100% FALSE.

Here is what Buz actually said, "Cutting...
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Sonoran Alliance Censors Comments

April 26, 2010
For an association with this description: 

"We are an alliance of political writers and activists dedicated to reporting and promoting conservative news, ideas, opinion and principles throughout Arizona and the Sonoran Southwest."

They sure do favor censorship over truth! Last Friday morning around 1a, I submitted comment number 20 to a blog post about Buz Mills written by RealityCheck (interesting to note that this person uses a pseudonym). When they awoke, they promptly removed my comment and...
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